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Neon Funeral

From Jersey City, New Jersey. Darkwave/post-punk instrumentals with hardcore screamo/metal vocals in the spirit of an angst driven Ian Curtis and Frankie Palmeri of Emmure. Our latest EP is entitled Banned From the Goth Club and will be released digitally through Cleopatra Records alongside bands (Danzig, Christian Death, Skinny Puppy, Gary Numan) November 8th. The title track is our newest single entitled Avolition which will be released alongside a video on October 31st. All 4 tracks were recorded at Timber Studios in Bayonne New Jersey with Adam Cichocki of Gatherers signed to Equal Vision and No Sleep Records. Gothic Robert Smith undertones and jangly Johnny Marr guitars. Some notable venues we have performed at are QXT's in Newark NJ, St. Vitus in Brooklyn, and Lucky 13 in Brooklyn as well.

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