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Moonlight Lily

We are an alternative band from New Jersey | NYC, consisting of a diverse trio hailing from Puerto Rico, Serbia and Belarus. Ed on Bass/Guitars, Iva (Blue) Voice/Words/Synths, and Vlad on Drums. Our music is a unique blend of heavy riffs, electronic soundscapes, soaring melodies, and haunting vocals. With a sound that is both heavy and ethereal, it is a journey through the mystical and the unknown, a testament to the power of music to connect us to the magic and mystery of life. The songs explore themes of love, passion, death, and supernatural, weaving together fantastical imagery with poetic lyrics. These captivating images and intricate sounds are born out of our shared desire to comprehend and express the essence that animates our avatars. Our music is a gateway to the cosmic, connecting us to the magical and the untouchable. Join us!

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