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Micah shines with "Invisible Fire" single

Micah is back with a banger of a single called "Invisible Fire" and the fire is anything but invisible on this track.

A brutally honest pop powerhouse of a song, "Invisible Fire" has a huge tonality and an an anthemic sound.

The track boasts a passionate and electric sonic presence while Micah sings with a passion and raw energy that doesn't let up at all.

This song is something you can hear in the club. Lights flashing, smoke rising, and people singing along with the chorus line.

It certainly seems like this was taken from something personal and real for the artist and she uses this emotion to shine as her vibrant character comes through relatable but powerful.

The song has a beautiful vulnerability to it that gives the feeling that this song had to be created to help get through something. This is exactly what good songwriting is all about. This is why "Invisible Fire" holds true to the fire that made it happen.

Micah is known for dropping some pretty massive songs that display personal strength and this one is no exception.

Do yourself a favor and dig into to "Invisible Fire".

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