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Max Berend Tells A Vivid Story With "Woman In The Rain"

Max Berend just released a brand new single that boasts a major cinematic tonality and a dark edginess that opens into a story complete with twangy guitars and deep and alluring vocals.

"Woman In The Rain" is an engulfing track that its driven by an descriptive lyrical approach that depicts things by painting pictures with words as the track breeds its own atmosphere.

The single is built from a set of gorgeous textures that swim around you and wash you away with the soundscape the song has created. And it feels amazing.

Once the song has ended you feel as though you watched an intense seen in a western film and everything comes through with such deep color its almost intimating.

Passionate performances from start to finish from everyone but the vocals and guitars are the pinnacle of this music as both of these really give all the soul needed to keep you hooked.

"Woman In The Rain: is the latest in a string of singles released from Berend this year and each one has something new to bring to the table but never strays from some of the more staple sounds he has been claiming as of late.

That's the thing that's great about this artist. Once you hear a few songs you know it's him. You can tell by the sound alone who this is. It's hard to come by a band or artist that can do that these days.

The air of bands like Nick Cave seeps in here and there and a touch of nostalgia never hurts but Max Berend brings a number of influences into his music and makes it his own.

Dig into "Woman In The Rain" and go back through his catalog of music from there. If you like one song, you'll like them all for sure.

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