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Marc Rudin Brandishes A Fresh Classic Rock Vibe

A Warming classic rock influenced single release from Marc Rudin sends a wonderful message in the form of acoustic guitars, and a rock chorus that feels lush and full bodied as much as it does cinematic and impactful.

"Ready For a Change?" is a beautifully woven and brightly performed track that leaves the aftertaste of a glimmering and powerful chorus in your head for days on end.

This song ends up being quite a singalong if you would. You want to sing right along with that chorus all day.

The song boasts that genuine aesthetic that classic rock gives to us all and it comes with all the bells and whistles including additional guitar layers popping up that float along with the vocal melodies and a tasty little solo that works perfectly.

This track has a great statement and message and it's a great time for it. I mean, it's always been a great time for a song like this.

The single speaks very well for the artist as Rudin releases some killer rock songs with raspy and real deal vocals that feature catchy melodies and the right sort of character you'd want for the songs.

These songs are authentic, and they feel good to listen to. They feature song really fin guitar work all the time and it just makes you feel like Rudin has the best time ever laying these songs down.

He even gives off a kind of live performance undertone and you get that fulfilling feeling after the songs end.

Come rock along with this high energy, guitar riddled artist. You won't regret it.

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