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Madzilla pulls off a brutal live performance

Have we said all there is to say about Madzilla and their face melting metal? No.

Why you ask? Because the latest video release from the band is a live performance that showcases the bands fiery stage presence and intricately perfected but passion laden live show.

These guys never stop blowing out minds and to see them rock "Endless Damnation" live the way they do it is the stuff of rock arena dreams. They band pulls of a basically flawless single performance with every damn solo note and crunch, kick drum and snare slam and bass shred with ease. Ot at least it seems like it.

It's like it's all just second nature for Madzilla.

Watching this video will make you want to see them in live your face for sure.

The energy and pure love for what they do is outstanding.

Dig into the live performance below and see what we mean.


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