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Madzilla Global Premier "Destiny's Eyes"

I woke up today feeling like I needed a good dose of real metal. As luck had it, real metal was presented to me in the from of Madzilla.

The new "Destiny's Eyes" single has more shredding than...well, it had a mass amount of shredding.

A dark and haunting good time, "Destiny's Eyes" is a thrasher with an infectious energy and screaming vocal under a sung melody that tears it up every time. But here's one of the reasons this track kills so well. After every chorus there's a distinct and driving lead solo that's better than the last.

The format makes you think of old school Megadeth with switching lead guitar styles whenever the next opening appears and goddamn is it satisfying.

Madzilla is straight up hard hitting concrete style with harmonies and riffs that flow and crunch and never lose its taste or energy.

The premier of the track comes with a music video that also exudes a certain late night MTV Head Bangers Ball style that gives me the warm and fuzzy feeling I've missed for so long.

Thank you Madzilla for giving us a song that leaves us demolished like we should feel. Thank you for giving us some real metal.


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