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🤘 Meet Machine 85: Igniting the Metal Revolution! In the crucible of sonic rebellion, emerged Machine 85 – a powerhouse of raw energy and unapologetic metal mayhem. Hailing from the woods in southern Sweeden, this dynamic trio is forging their path with a sound that's as relentless as it is electrifying. 🔧 The Machinists: Jokke Pettersson- Lead Shredder and Singer Ulf Wahlgren - Thunder Commander Alfred Andersson - Bass Architect 💥 The Machine Sound: Machine 85's sound is a collision of gritty classic metal and modern heaviness. Picture razor-sharp riffs that carve through the air, thunderous beats that resonate in your bones, and vocals that range from haunting melodies to primal roars. It's a sonic onslaught designed to awaken the rebel within.

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