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Luke Woltanski Ramps To Release A full Length Album

Luke Woltanski is known for his diverse range of songwriting and the ability to brings styles together to create something refreshing but familiar.

His last release, The Dangerous Music Man was a gorgeous record with eclectic but incredibly solid songwriting and since the release of the album in 2020, Woltanksi has been working on a new record that solidifies his sound and presence even more.

The upcoming Before We Part album is a full-length release and delves into the realms of acoustic pop, classic rock, Americana, contemporary pop, and more.

The record is absolutely lush with beautiful tones and instrumentation to go along with the already alluring character the artist portrays on these songs.

The album comes with several singles including one called "Heart of Stone" which reaches into a southern classic rock vibe and holds true to a genuine aesthetic and feel as organs wail on, and drums are performed with a heavy passion.

The album is set to release March 5th and will be out on all platforms you can possibly think of.

Below is Luke Woltanski's Spotify and more so you can keep track.

Keep your ear out for this one March 5th.

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