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Lucius Echo delivers a melodic alt-rock masterpiece with "The Pot"

A fresh release dropped from Lucius Echo brings a gritty and vibrant alt-rock opus that features some pulse pounding drums, trudging guitars and a massive sound.

"The Pot" has attitude and swagger that feels powerful and dirty at the same time.

Guitars drive the track into a melodic but edgy feel and the vocals add that deep toned and rhythmically enticing lyrical phrasing style to it all.

This single has a cinematic tonality to it and a crazy energy to go along with some explosive breakdowns that boast some killer riffs that make you want more and more.

The song has touches of Alice In Chains, Tool, and plenty more as it goes through changes and becomes more deepening with building percussion and layers of textured guitars that float through the songs ether.

You can hear a culmination of influences that peek through during the songs course and it feels like holding your breath underwater.

This track crawls under your skin in the best ways possible and has a slight familiar feel to go along with its huge feel.

The single follows a set of songs released in the past few years that all have a little something different to offer up but all stick to the artists signature sounds in a way.

Lucius Echo is the type of artist that you know who it is when you hear it. You recognize the style and the sound of his voice and even the particular guitar style as well.

"The Pot" is a big song that goes for around 6 and half minutes and it feels shorter but hits all the alternative rock sweet spots you want and you get a feel for the artists technical songwriting style performed with heart and passion.

We strongly suggest digging into this one especially if you love good hard rock, melodic metal or alternative rock on almost any level.

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