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Lost on the Metro's "Ramey Road" Single is Almost Here

Lost on the Metro is ramping up to release a brand-new single that really takes that true root blues rock tonality and brings it to life and lets the band show their storytelling side.

"Ramey Road" paints a vivid picture with detailed and descriptive lyrics and the songs flows through changes as guitars whale and cry along with the songs emotional and full feel.

Slide guitars are performed tastefully throughout the songs course, and it really helps push the drive of this single.

Vocals are gorgeous and powerful as they are lush with passion and soul.

The whole band really takes this track for a ride, and it feels cinematic and powerful from the get-go and doesn't let up for a second.

"Ramey Road" surely showcases a little bit of a different side of Lost on the Metro and what's great is that the song sort of feels like a live performance.

You can just feel the players feeding off of each other's energies all over this thing and its quite beautiful really.

"Ramey Road" is set for release on Jan. 24th and will be on Spotify along with all the other spots to dig into it. If you just can't wait, you can always get yourself freshened up with the band's sound by digging into their last record Letters and Landlines.

But, if you happen to catch this article on the 4th, you can hit "Ramey Road" to see just what we're talking about.

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