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Lost In Silence Global Premier of "Novocaine" Bends Genres In The Best Ways.

Lost In Silence just dropped a new single that bends genres like it's nothing, bringing a lush and textured atmosphere into a darkened and edgy setting built with emotion and passionate performances vocally and from all players really. "Novocaine" is actually quite a beautiful song and it creates a soundscape that bleeds and undertones alternative rock and does it with an anthemic and cinematic feel as guitars sway and swim around you and vocals are melodically driven. This single has plenty of power behind it and its the kind of track that has layers you can peel back as you listen. It comes from a real place and that raw energy is clearly portrayed in the song. The vocals have a great hook and harmonize and really turn your head. The song is infectious and has a wonderfully radio friendly sheen to it that feels good to listen to. It's sounds and instruments melt into each other and the song's chorus belts out so well that by the 3rd time around, you find yourself singing right along. There is something quite youthful about the song as well. It may be all that emotion that creates some of that youthful impact but goddamn it works well. This song speaks volumes for Lost In Silence and is excellent to hear the band evolving like this. Their songs keep getting better and better.

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