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Lone Kodiak

“Feels familiar, Sounds new” Loud, energetic and know for a wild, emotionally resonant live show. East LA rock quartet Lone Kodiak makes a spicy cocktail using the modern classic ingredients they grew up on. While the sharp listener may hear traces of The Cure, Hum, The Smashing Pumpkins or Deftones, the band made the most of the pandemic by carving out a sound uniquely and mistakably their own by dialing in tones and challenging their own routine songwriting habits. Regulars on the east side circuit at venues like Bootleg Theater (RIP), The Echo, Moroccan Lounge and having shared the stage with local legends like The Marias, Night Talks and The Dumes. Parker (vocals, guitar), Alden (bass), Josh (drums) and newest addition Ben (guitar) are scene veterans on the verge of breakthrough with their forthcoming debut album “ Inside Voices”. Produced by Kyle Mangels and recorded at Big Bad Sound the record will be their first LP launching in July with their lead single “The Corner Booth. (Feat. Hunter Leigh Allen of Chase Petra)”. “Committed to the sound”, Lone Kodiak’s top priority is to give their belabored debut its best chance of success and support it with as many live performances as possible in 2024.

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