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"Let Me Die" Deepens The Metal Masses as Madzilla continues to take over

Madzilla comes back with a blistering track in classic Madzilla style; brutal and heavy enough to start a pit in your living room. You might break a sweat just listening to those double kicks go.

These guys cram enough body slamming power metal into 4 minutes than you might be able to handle. But they do it with taste and style, they bring in melodic and vast sounding breakdowns and progressive elements that separate them from the pack.

Every track Madzilla drops is as badass as the last and reaches just a little farther into the depths of what they can do songwriting and performance wise.

It's like they're testing themselves each time. And this is why you get such massive songs from a band that just keeps pushing themselves.

One of the great things about the and is that not only that they release a new single almost monthly, but they do it with a killer video to boot.

You can watch them rock through open plains and try to keep up with those riffs.

It's almost blissful how intricate and yet how much passion this band has for all aspects of the game. From songwriting to performance, to presence and everything in between.

Madzilla is a rare breed. They are amazing at what they do and always put soul into the machine but they really do it for the love of doing it. This is they type of band that goes until the kick the bucket.

Again, a rare breed indeed.

So without further delay, we present "Let Me Die". Madzilla's latest and beautifully bitter metal masterpiece.

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