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Introducing LAVEXA, an independent singer-songwriter who has defied the odds to make her mark on the music scene. Growing up, LAVEXA was always drawn to music and dreamed of becoming a professional singer. However, her journey to success was far from easy. LAVEXA faced many rejections when she was younger but despite these setbacks, she refused to give up on her dreams. As she welcomed her first child in 2022, LAVEXA faced even more challenges of balancing motherhood and music, and would often write songs and record vocals during nap times or late at night, using her experiences to inform her lyrics and melodies. Despite the obstacles in her path, LAVEXA remained determined to make a name for herself in the music industry. In 2022, she released her debut single, "As Yesterday," that was co-written with Caisha Sprout. Since then, she has been determined to make waves in the music world and is dedicated in captivating an audience with her relatable, emotional and intimate music!

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