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LASTRY consists of 4 (professional) musicians. Thanks to their professional life, they are very skilled and experienced, they decided :” it’s about time to take their professional journey to another level and out in the world”. With a lot of devotion, maturity and the necessary expertise in the music business. They are just ready for what’s to come. The debut album "Time & Space", which is already available on all streaming platforms, consists of 12 great rock songs. There is something for everyone who likes the style of Nickelback, Creed, 3 Doors Down, Alter Bridge, Pearl Jam, Audioslave, Linkin Park, Muse – juuust some good Rock Music. These are the musical influences of Singer_Songwriter/composer Taylor Shore, known from The Voice of Germany 2018. On November 1, 2022, we have released the first song "This is Rock'n'Roll" including a music video from the Penny Music label (see link). On Sept, 27 the next song will be released, on Dec, 12 the corresponding video and then on Dec 15, 22 the album has been released on all platforms (also available for purchase on Amazon and iTunes). The third video has been released between Christmas and New Year, the 4th then in January 2023 and a new Single in April 2023.

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