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KOTA presents a crazy soulful blues rock record

A brand new EP release from KOTA gives off so much soul and swagger its crazy.

The Innocence EP is packed with passion, blues rock, massive vocal sections, and reverbed out guitars that sound like they were recorded in the late 70's. This aesthetic is completely nailed and feels incredible to listen to.

Songs are powerful and performed with major energy and gusto that rises above and feels familiar and comfortable.

This record is warmed with slide guitar work, belting vocals, and a live show feel to it that's tough to beat.

These guys have that youthful vibe and mature songwriting combination that makes you want as much as you can get from the band.

Percussion is smart and the entire outfit is made up of musicians that feed off of each others energies and this is exactly what gives them the brightness and spark that feels so great.

They love what they are doing and every note is played with heart.

Innocence is an outstanding effort and a showcase of a band you need to look out for because we feel like maybe we'll be hearing plenty more from them.

Please do let us know when live shows take place cause damn do we want to see that.

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