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Keith Austin - Turning It On EP Premier

Los Angeles native Keith Austin just released a brand new EP dubbed Turning It On and he certainly does turn it on.

Right from the get go the EP starts in with a 90's feeling pop track interwoven with funk, and some damn fun synth work. "Turning It On" is a relatable song and has a lot of get up and dance power behind it.

But that's a staple with Austin's songwriting. "Grooving On The Red Line" will get your ass on the dance floor in seconds flat. It's endless fun disco feeling style encompasses you straight away and rocks into some great guitar hooks with all the attitude you can handle.

The album goes on to give out some great power pop ballad songs, and loads of synth and key hooks while you continue to shake your butt non stop.

"Later Tonight" works with some really cool layers of vintage sounding keys and you'll even get moving in your seat. This album as a whole is the perfect party record. It guarantees a good time.

It's that 90's R&B and dance styles crossed with all the 70's disco funk. You can hear Bobby Brown in there at times, and you can hear Rick James in other moments.

Turning It On is absolutely on point and it should be cranked to 10 on the volume knob.

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