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Juan J.G. Escudero Releases an Opus of an EP

A new EP release from Juan J.G. Escudero deliverers and opus of eclectic and noisescape-based approaches coupled with a variety of instrumentation that all come together to create these different atmospheres for each song on the record and with each new track, you get a different vibe and a different formula that has a way of sort of swimming around in the air that surrounds you.

The Ice Door album is definitely a bit of an escape and hits a very cinematic tonality a lot of the time with these scattered instruments that are panned left and right in the speakers and a lot of the time you get an almost haunting tone and five but other times you get surprises that shock you a little bit.

Something about this record feels like it could be the soundtrack to a suspense film and there are a lot of amazing sorts of percussive approaches that are scattered throughout the EP and by the time you get halfway through it you kind of begin to expect the unexpected although there is a confluent sort of glue that holds everything together at the same time.

This record is certainly striking in a lot of different ways and there is an elegance to the performances and compositions behind these pieces of work, but it certainly isn't for everyone.

The record is based on acoustic instrumentation, and it's got this sort of raw energy to it with different acoustics that layer a top each other so it feels like certain tracks were performed in bigger rooms While others were performed closer to the mic in smaller rooms.

You get this amazing, scattered balance of soundscapes and textures that have a strange way of complimenting each other and behind everything that feels like it's improvised, there is a level of detail that is incorporated.

The whole thing comes across sort of beautiful and you get elements of jazz undertones at times orchestral undertones, and just these beautiful elements that come together to create moods.

The cool thing about this record is that by the time you're done listening to you have to sort of shake it all off in order to come back to your reality again and this is something that I look for in any kind of music so to find it now was very refreshing.

This release certainly takes you away to a different place and you can tell there are these different layers of almost spiritual and ethereal entries that take part throughout the course of the record.

All in all, they are layers that you can feel back here and while you do so the music itself creates imagery in your head but a lot of that is left to your imagination based on what you're hearing.

This was an incredibly cool record that was composed with piano, violin cello, clarinet, and more along with these distant and up-close percussive sections and instruments that all take part in this experience.

And, that's exactly what this is. This is an experience more than it is an EP.

Listen to this one with headphones on so that you can hear all the things that are happening throughout these tracks.

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