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John Michael hersey Returns with "I have no head"

John Michael Hersey isn't getting much sleep in his new video for " I have No Head".

The single is bordering on a math indie rock style and with each part transfixes you further and the video certainly joins that ride.

A psychedelic rock romp of a video, it offers a glimpse into the mind of John Michael Hersey and it's a hell of a glimpse indeed.

Guitars and keys follow each other making for a robust sound and although the video is a little on the horror movie side of things, it's quite fun.

There is something about this song that gives of a little bit more of a 90's alternative feel bringing to mind bands like Primus or even Tool.

The great thing about that Hersey does is that with each new piece of content he releases he pushes the envelope and himself to create something different than the last, and always has a bit of a shock factor.

You really never know what to expect next from this artist but you can be sure you won;t be able to stop watching or listening.

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