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Jay luke - "Side Effects"

"Side Effects" from Jay Luke is exactly what you've been missing in rock music. A song and artist heavily influenced by rock n' roll from a time it was truly on top. It's not hard to hear Motley Crue and Guns N' Roses pushing through the cracks with this song.

The track certainly built upon some real life experience and very relatable as it can be about drugs, booze, medicine or even sour relationships, "Side Effects" has a message but also keeps on the humorous side at times.

The single is only a small part of the It's About Time album loaded with songs about venomous girls, life and loss, and living life on the run. Packed with guitar harmonies, Sabbath style riffs, and ballads, most of these songs have choruses that make you want to stand up, hold your lighter high, and sing along.

An outstanding piece of work from Jay Luke.

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