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James Keen

London songwriter James Keen’s deeply evocative music has seen him grace stages right around the globe. Blending Pop, Rock, R&B and Folk amidst a distinctly thoughtful repertoire, spanning almost two decades, inspiration and integrity remain unshakable values. Australia-born and raised in Hong Kong and London, James maintains a culturally diverse approach. Paul Simon’s ‘Graceland’ was a formative early listening experience, laying bare international influences that would later define his sound. Masterful guitarists like Mark Knopfler, David Gilmour and Eric Clapton were also impactful, and the classic records of Neil Young and Bob Dylan helped shape his confessional and poetic lyrical depth. He effortlessly weaves melodic storytelling into his songs, infusing them with passion and vulnerability. James started out as a mainstay on the acoustic circuit in London honing his craft. His 2007 debut solo record ‘No Coincidence’ was a full-band effort, prompting the formation of the acclaimed group Magazine Gap. The band have released two critically acclaimed albums, ‘Light & Shade’ and ‘What’s That About?’, and performed extensively across Europe, North America, and Asia - earning a devoted fanbase in the process. The pandemic lockdowns saw James return to his solo roots to develop abilities as producer and multi-instrumentalist. The resulting 2023 album ‘Crossover’ is his most accomplished to date, offering some of the most insightful and accessible songs of his career.

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