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IRYS Just released an edgy pop track that tastefully pushes the envelope

IRYS returns with a super edgy pop song that brings together some alternative undertones with a current radio pop sound to build something that feels heavily cinematic and a little dark.

"Circles" has a colorful chorus that touches on a brooding feel and keeps to a slightly 90;s alt-pop palette while using some killer vocal effects and deepening synths.

The single is alluring with vocals that feel sultry but with a great swagger embedded in the style.

This track has character and depth. There is a huge soundscape it brings and you really get infected by it's hooks quickly. Both musically and vocally, performances are tasteful and not overdone but perfected and gracefully performed.

The single swells and sways and sticks it an upbeat feel while remaining mysterious and just plain cool vibe.

At times it brings to mind bands like Garbage with that attitude and slight roughness.

"Circles" has that sexiness to it that makes you want more. It's addictive and alive.

This isn't that artists first rodeo either. You can hear that in the songwriting and the arrangement let along her nailed performance.

IRYS has sever releases under her belt that each bring something a little new and different to the table.

This is an artist well worth digging into as you'll find more than a few gems here.

We suggest starting with "Circles" and going back through her library from there. You won't soon be disappointed.





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