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Hunter Morris & Blue Blood Drop a new single and video

A new single and video from Hunter Morris & Blue Blood gives off a classic 90's radio rock style riddled with guitars that ring out and an edginess that live just beneath the surface.

"Give In to Livin'" Is a bright and vibrant rock banger with hooks both musically and vocally all over it. The bass tone is classic and drives the track with a touch of classic rock influence and when the chorus kicks in, it gets bigger each time.

The track has a great message and a little bit of a humorous undertone and that really shines through even more with the music video that accompanies the track.

The song itself has that something that makes you feel like you've maybe heard it somewhere before.

It's catchy as all hell and the guitars boast a little fuzztone action to a=go along with the songs loose approach which still pushes that 90's feel a little more even.

This was outstandingly fun, and you do actually end up stuck with that chorus going through your head for a good time after the songs has ended.

The video is all drugs, doll, and rock n roll with some summer feeling activities the dolls go out and get done. They also get set of fire so there's that.

This whole project looks and sounds like it was a blast and that comes through in both the music and the video as well.

So, come sing along with this one. You won't be disappointed.

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