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Hoodoo Jim Drops A Fresh Cut Single!

A fresh release from Hoodoo Jim brings together a number of vivacious and colorful hip hop undertones both classic and new school and blends them all together to create an atmosphere that's completely refreshing and bursting with character from beginning to end.

"Copy & Paste" features some outside-the-box production and soundscapes that push the envelope ever so slightly enough for you to recognize it and when you do you know you're listening to something that's being created with fewer boundaries than its predecessors.

This track has some great drive to it and the lyrical flow and phrasing never ceases to amaze throughout this song.

There are some surprises around the corners here and definitely some layers that could be peeled back along with some outlandish hooks that end up sticking with you and bouncing around in your brain for hours after the song is ended.

All of this in combination brings together something that you want to listen to more than once and to an extent you sort of have to because there's so much going on in the song, especially lyrically, that to soak it all in listening to it twice or even three times is the way to go.

Hoodoo Jim is a perfect example of a youth in songwriters, producers, hardest, and creators that are paving their own path in their specific world and in doing so they're building and creating without walls which is something to look forward to especially in the world of music.

Upon listening to the single I pretty much had to take a little bit of a deep dive into the artist's back catalog on Spotify and when I did, I found a mass number of outstanding releases dating all the way back to 2018.

Each of these releases showed a little bit of a different side to the artist as a person, as a songwriter, as a performer, and as a producer.

One of my favorite things to do when I find an artist that I think is doing something new is to listen to everything they've released previously because then you can kind of follow along their evolution as a songwriter.

With Hoodoo Jim this was endlessly fun to do because there are so many records released from EPs to full albums to singles and all of it has something different to offer.

I feel like this is an artist that's fully able to adapt to whatever the project is in terms of the character on the track itself.

He's covered a lot of ground so far and I feel like in terms of putting together songs and performing on them his talent is pretty much limitless because he's able to change with the ebb and flow of whatever the project is. Whatever the song sounds like.

This is someone who has a pure love for his craft and that is the most evident thing about everything because there's a heart behind all of his tracks and none of it is empty.

All these releases are lush, full-bodied, have a purpose, have something to say, have inventive creativity in detail, and so much more.

I would suggest checking out "Copy & Paste" but then also going through his catalog of previous releases because there's a lot to gain from that.

I'll be keeping an eye out for Hoodoo Jim and whatever else gets released from here on out that's for sure.

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