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High-D Releases A Classic Single

A brand-new single release from High-D brings out a colorful and crisp vintage pop soundscape that comes through lush with gorgeous instrumentation and features all the sweet spots that you could expect from a classic pop tonality from decades passed.

"The 80's Song" is perfectly named because the track encompasses that entire aesthetic so perfectly with great use of synths and beats along with vocals that provide melodies that help the song gain some drive and let everything shine with character.

The guitar tones that float in the song's background and the heavy since that are used on the forefront help the song's hooks and choruses come through bold and the track feels wonderfully nostalgic from beginning to end.

Growing up in that time and listening to songs like this all the time was a major part of my childhood and the way that High-D can nail the whole feel of the period and the songs written then is incredibly impressive and you can tell it's a love letter to those songs.

She incorporates her classic violin with the single which adds a little bit more life to it and brings in a slightly different texture which is something I enjoyed as well.

The big thing about this track is that it has heart, and it has persona which is something that certain kinds of tracks are missing these days feels very nostalgic for me indeed.

One of my favorite things about this artist in general is that no matter what song you're listening to from her, you can tell that it's done out of a pure passion for doing it.

This is someone who has a real love for her craft, and I don't just mean her instruments or just her singing. I mean her songwriting and putting all these things together to create something that builds a sort of atmosphere that you can step into and escape your own reality for a little while.

Upon listening to this track, I had to take a little bit of a deep dive into her back catalog on Spotify and what I found was a massive amount of releases that date back to early 2020 and each showing a little bit of a different side of her personality and her artistry.

This is one of those artists that I immediately wanted to follow her timeline of evolution so that I can hear how she evolved as a person and as a songwriter over the past few years and you can really hear that when you listen to her full catalog.

I would start with "The 80's Song" just because it gives you a good feel for her vocal approach and because it's a new release, but if you dig the track I would suggest going back and listening to more it's well worth your time.

This single shined with heart and character, color and energy as well as showcasing her ability to create songs that have specific themes and be able to musically adapt yourself to those themes.

It's all very impressive and beautifully done, wonderfully woven, and performed with gusto and addictive vibrancy.

This is definitely for fans of '80s pop songs and if you are one of those people, then definitely check this out.

For me it not only made my whole day but it was one of the best ways to start this new year.

I'm giving this an 8 out of 10 easy.

High-D is an artist to keep an eye out for.

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