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Grant Nesmith Grabs Hold of the best parts of classic rock and pushes the envelope

Grant Nesmith just dropped a full length album and it's a classic rock influenced acoustic pop folk record with elements of Americana all fused together with some gorgeous instrumentation.

The Dreams Of The Coast record gives off a sort of Niel Young vibe at times as it rolls through bendy lead guitar sections, violins bowing, and vocal harmonies that really hit the mark.

The songs range in the the songwriting style but all feels like summer. It feels good to listen to like driving down an open road with the top down and feeling the breeze.

The classic rock is strong on this album and the whole thing comes off colorful, and vibrant as anything.

Tons of lush backing vocals and slide guitars, and even a Beach Boys essence here and there.

There are no boundaries with this record really. You never really know what to expect next but you know it's gonna be awesome.

This album shows an outstanding youth in songwriters that are appearing these days that release songs and albums even all with an unbeatable aesthetic of decades earlier.

Fuzztones, organs, pianos, and more fill the atmosphere of the album as it spins on through its 11 track course.

This is a huge album to soak in but it's super worth doing so. There is something for everyone and the energy is awe inspiring.

Nesmith isn't afraid of getting experimental or psychedelic either and it shows its head all the time.

Jump straight into this one.





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