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Global Premier - "Anger The Gods" by Dark Agenda

"Anger The Gods" by Dark Agenda has arrived and its blistering with a fury of killer metal riffs, half time thrashing, and a brining together of death metal and vintage metal for a vibrant and stomping good time.

You can hear how much fun the drummer had on this track as those kick drums go crazy while the guitars shred through some trudging sections into lead hook parts that remind you of Iron Maiden.

That's one of the reasons this song is so damn good. The classic and current metal combination is addicting and these guys nail it.

Vocally the song gives you everything from screams to a really melodically driven chorus that sticks with you.

"Anger The Gods" is actually full of hooks, great changes, and all performed with life as most good metal should be.

The song is indeed alive and satisfies all the various heavy metal needs you might have.

This one sounds like it was incredibly fun to make because it's an awesome one to listen to.

We strongly suggest you say farewell to 2020 with Dark Agenda.

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