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Ghost Licker Hits Us With A Surf Rock, Math Infused single

A fresh single from Ghost Licker brings on a colorful set of layered sounds that rock out with a surf overtone and an alternative edge.

"Dreadful Bitter End" is insanely catchy and boasts tons of drive and energy as guitars hint a math rock but with that twang that keeps things warm as drums destroy throughout the songs course with fills and power.

This track has a ton of fun infused into it's veins and the sounds blend together like a sunset.

Vocals are performed with heart and gusto along with that youthful brightness and the melodies are addictive and sweet as they compliment all the guitar work.

This almost feels like a live song. Once you hear it, you'll want to see Ghost Licker live in front of you for sure and this is due in part, from the pure raw energy of this track.

It isn't easy to get this sort of energy on record and somehow Ghost Licker does it without a hitch.

The single is alive with sound and is built off of emotion but sticks to it's fun guns tonality wise and it's awesome to hear all the notes swimming around you as you listen.

"Dreadful Bitter End" has a bit more than what's on the surface and it's an excellent direction for Ghost Licker as each piece of work released is evolving.

Check out this track and take a nose dive into some of the previous material as it's all super worth it!

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