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Ghost Licker Gives Us A New Spin On Space Rock

Ghost Licker dropped a kick ass single called "The Moon" and the name is certainly trustworthy as the song rolls out some psychedelic space rock with alternative undertones and at time seven 80's alt pop vibes.

This track is loaded with delayed guitar work and a Pink Floyd influence peaking from around the corners while it dives into some progressive lead solos and floaty guitars adding ambience.

"The Moon" has it's own atmosphere and it really does show some vintage pop shining through adding this element of familiarity to the song while knowing you haven't heard this yet.

It's very groovable and alive and can get stuck in your brain easily which by all means isnlt a bad thing.

"The Moon" is almost a genre all it's own as it brings together classic, indie, and alternative rock together for a few minutes.

The song is a great partner to the band's other single release called "The Dead City" which has more of a southern alt twang to it.

Ghost Licker is an awesome band that brings to mind a series of songs all at once. Check them out now.

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