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Geoff Wolf

“We all have a story in our heads. We define ourselves by that thread.” Geoff’s song Ruben. Geoff is a stand-alone songwriter focused on sharing songs and stories. His Americana influenced folky rock style offers expressive lyrics and vocal style that resonates for listeners. Enjoy the ride of living our lives with Geoff’s honest storytelling lines about feelings and experiences we can all relate to. In 2007, Geoff was sidelined with his first jolt of MS, temporarily lost his vision and for many weeks was left alone with his thoughts. It was here that the songwriting path showed up. He realized that songs start in the mind of the writer and are given life in the mind of the listener. After his vision returned, he noticed that the lines of his journal during this time all flowed as lyrics rather than text. The seeds were planted. In 2010, Geoff joined a songwriting session in Costa Rico with some Nashville songwriters. Songwriting became an artisan craft at that moment and the path was in place. Darrell Scott taught Geoff to find space that allows songs to show up. Mary Gauthier helped him to be honest with the stories, brutally honest. Both encouraged allowing the actuality of life and depths of soul into the songs. His songwriting continues to serve as therapy to help him deal with a wacky world around him.

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