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Friend of a Friend

American duo Friend of a Friend (Claire Molek, Jason Savsani) formed in the summer of 2020 after a lifetime just missing one another. The band describes the process as an almost supernatural experience. “It’s difficult to remember life before the band,” notes Molek, “the opportunity to make music together has completely changed how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.” FOAF’s debut album In Arms, an intimate blend of folk, post and art rock, recorded on tape in Nashville, was independently released in late May of 2022. Since then, they’ve toured relentlessly throughout Europe and North America, and have gained over 2 million streams on their debut release. The duo is celebrated for their cinematic, fiercely experiential performance that incorporates a distorted Flamenco guitar, a midi controller and intense physicality. The strength of the duo’s bond is apparent in the music just as much as it is on stage, the performance giving “Led Zeppelin meets the year 2050.” Their sophomore LP, FACILITIES, was recorded in-studio in Joshua Tree, California with Jordan Lawlor (M83, J. Laser). From the start, it’s clear that FOAF is not f*cking around. There is something distinctly metaphysical, otherworldly about the album - each track is its own single, with insidious, ecstatic layers, a nasty beat, heavy bass and full synths, carefully crafted soundscapes, and hooks you can’t get out of your head. Influences include “Portishead, M83, The Kills & Jose Gonzalez had a baby in the desert during the end of your favorite movie.” The duo explores a wide breadth of styles throughout the 12 tracks - notes of trip hop, indie rock, classic rock, noise rock, house music - but whatever genre this is anything and everything, something nostalgic and entirely new all at once.

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