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Fox & Arrows Brings Us A Brilliant Contemporary Pop Single With "Astronauts"

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

Fox & Arrows just dropped a cinematic contemporary pop single dubbed "Astronauts" and it does have a great meaning and radio friendly style that gives you the feeling you may have heard the track somewhere before.

The single has that familiar and warming sound that grows as it plays on and gets more intense and passionate all the way through.

The track has a youthful heart and a mature songwriting style that wraps around you and sort of washes you away with it's atmosphere.

This song does have it's own life and can cause you to bring up memories of your own youth at times.

Laced with clean guitars, musical swells and a passionate chorus that sticks with you for so much longer after the songs has ended it's almost crazy.

It's a very pop style but also brings in R&B to the table and at times even feels like there are touches of southern undertones in there that give it a slight twang.

Powerful group vocals become anthemic and the song keeps to it's mellow vibe but really shines with a unique sort of energy that's hard to put your finger on, but you know it's there.

"Astronauts" is touching and will have you swaying back and forth as you sing those hooks along with it.

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