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Faith Groves

Faith Groves, 19 years old and originally from Odessa, Texas. Faith comes from a very musical family where country music wasn’t just a genre, but a way of life. She received her first real guitar when she was nine years old, and started writing songs in secret at the age of thirteen. Growing up she always knew that being a country music singer would be a future career, although it took some amazing people really believing in her that gave Faith the courage to chase her dream. Faith now lives in Nashville absolutely living the dream. Her first single "Get the Hell Outta My Way" on November 3, 2023, her EP is set to release on December 1, 2023. Her music is honest, real, sometimes too real, but it’s country as hell with a little rock n roll. Her hope in this industry is to share the ups and downs from her life through her music and to help others celebrate and overcome theirs. For Faith, it’s music or nothing and she'd love nothing more than for y’all to follow along and support this journey.

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