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Erin Foster Gives Us A Major Pop SIngle With "Sometimes"

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

A vibrant new single just released from pop extraordinaire Erin Foster and it's got summer written all over it.

"Sometimes" is a lush and colorful track laced with textured synths and an almost ambient and cinematic undertone that catches your attention from the very start and it's all coated with Foster's alluring vocal approach and tasteful melodies.

The single touches on a retro-pop feel but crosses it with a current and almost future pop sound that remains sultry and performed with a youthful gusto and drive that bleeds through constantly.

It's easy to hear the love for her craft shine throughout the songs course and it becomes obvious pretty quickly that the artist is no newcomer to writing pop hooks that stick with you long after the song has ended.

This track is a fun and lively radio single that showcases a young and talented artist paving her way in the pop world on her own terms.

The track is danceable and also has sort of chill factor that lingers behind the scenes and it all has the ability to crawl under your skin in all the best ways.

"Sometimes" brings on a refreshing vibe and really does show a wonderful example of what pop is becoming.

We suggest you dig into this track as it's more than playlist worthy.

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