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Elizabeth Cuite

Elizabeth Cuite is an American singer, songwriter, and recording artist from New York. She is a student at a BFA conservatory program in New York. Elizabeth’s sound mixes elements of indie-pop like Lana Del Rey and Florence and The Machine combined with the storytelling of John Lennon and Taylor Swift. Elizabeth’s music is dreamy, angelic with sweeping melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Her current release Night Sky is a "beautifully crafted folk-infused pop track." In 2020 Elizabeth’s song “Angel” was a Finalist in the International Acoustic Music Awards and her song “Last a Lifetime” received the Best Song Young Adult award from the World Songwriting Awards. Elizabeth spent the months of quarantine writing and recording “Dreamscape,” her EP, was released in the Fall of 2021. Radio Airplay’s Jon Wright praised Elizabeth as having both a “richly musical voice and an artistic lens for subject matter and lyrical craft.”

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