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Eden Cardall

Whenever alternative singer/songwriter Eden Cardall experiences the ebbs and flows of life, she opens up her notes app and then records a voice memo. Cardall started exploring her musical abilities as a kid and her talents and love for music has flown into her teenage years. “Writing music is something I do every day even if it’s just a couple words,” she says. Cardall fell in love with the music of Queen, Elton John, and the grungy punk sounds of Green Day and Paramore. Her writing is inspired by Julia Michaels, Conan Gray, and Sabrina Carpenter. Her music is an outward expression of deep introspection. Eden immerses herself in music every day whether it's headbanging in the car with friends or relaxing at home. Her music reflects her friends, family, heartbreaks, and trials. She aspires to bring hope and inspiration to her listeners. Eden wants her music to connect with others who might be experiencing similar feelings. Music is so powerful. "I want to express the challenges of growing up in a world that is constantly evolving and shifting." Cardall hopes while you listen to her music, you realize that you are not alone.

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