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Dynasty Four

Garage rock for the ages. Spanning ten years, three cities, and two continents, Dynasty Four are a recently-reformed five-piece indie rock outfit based in Toronto. Glossy guitars and soaring synths meet disco-ready drums in Dynasty Four’s hooky, pop-friendly brand of garage rock. Scrappy but sincere, their collection of high-energy ear-worms deftly blend punk, surf, garage, and house while offering take on everything from snotty highschool seniors to cross-border politics. Dynasty Four is the latest project from Andrew & Nikkole Couture, the duo behind First Person Shooter, The Nancy Boys, and Jinx Malloy. Originally formed in 2012 in Halifax and relocated to Toronto in 2014, they brought their electric live presence to local venues and small festivals throughout 2015 before releasing their debut album, Anachronisms, in December. But less than a month later another move - this time to the UK - prompted the band to (reluctantly) part ways. Fast forward the fall of 2020, a silver lining in the dark pandemic clouds: the expats returned home to Toronto and got the band back together. Complete with a couple new players and a bunch of new songs, Dynasty Four return in June of 2022 with a new EP, Revivals. They will release their full length second record, Everywheres, later this year.

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