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Drew Smith releases a love letter to punk music

A fresh banger from Drew Smith brings a wonderfully nostalgic and warming love letter to punk rock as memories are recalled and laid out for you to watch in your head and you quickly make that connection. The connection that lets you realize you were raised with bands as well. Maybe it was punk rock music, maybe something else but music raised all of us. And Smith decided to write an ode to those that made it happen.

"Punk Music Saved My Life" is an instant classic and it does indeed have all the bells and whistles you could want from a radio friendly pop-punk track.

The riff is catchy as hell, the chorus is even catchier and will certainly have you singing along by the third time around.

It's all got such a well-rounded and personal touch that it makes memories of your own flash through your head and the song has this effect on you. This factor starts to feel good and before you know it, you absolutely love this song.

Smith recounts bands and talks of his youth, and it spills out onto you. You get it. You totally get it and you're instantly jealous of this ode to the music that raised him. That made him who he is today.

This is tastefully done, with great songwriting and a flare for the craft to go along with the heart for punk rock.

It also has this summertime undertone to it. Maybe that's just me.

I understand this song and anyone who is a fan of reading this blog is a music lover and will understand this song so I think it will totally speak for itself.

Really well performed, bright, colorful vibrant and completely alive, "Punk Music Saved My Life" is damn near perfect.

If we were the Rotten Tomatoes of music, this would be like a 95%.

We're not, but you get the point.

Maybe this song will save someone else's life. Circle complete.

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