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DiLisio Releases an album of 100% rock bangers

DiLisio just dropped a fresh album that exudes such a garage rock attitude and tone that it's hard to look away from.

Nine To Three is packed to the brim with fuzz guitar riffs and blues undertones, indie-rock styles and a cross between The White Stripes and The Black Crows but with a unique twist to the sound.

The record is a sonic sucker punch and vocally has a ton of character and lyrical phrasing that becomes an insanely addictive staple to the bands style.

This is a garage rock record with soul, heart, and with little held back.

If this album was half as fun to create as it is to listen to than DiLisio had quite a time making it happen.

Doubled up lead guitar hooks and creative progressions and even some massively anthemic tracks riddled with organs and deep grooves.

These are pretty much all deep cuts and it all works perfectly.

We're beginning to really love this new wave of rock that's hitting us right now. Bands like DiLisio prove that taking a multitude of influences and putting your all into making a record pays off.

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