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s a DJ, I've played world renowned clubs in Miami, including Space, shared stages with industry heavyweights like Rihanna, Lizzo, and T-Pain and electronic legends like Darude and Roger Sanchez. After years of DJing, I'm just beginning my journey as a producer. As an open format DJ, I've blended genres together for crowds hours into the night and I bring that same genre-bending approach to my original music, mixing elements of Hip-Hop and Electronic with Pop aesthetics. Influenced by other multi-genre producers like Diplo and David Guetta, I draw inspiration from all types of musical styles. "Speed Dial" is my 3rd single released. It's a nod to those late nights, leaving the party or the club and you get that call or text from someone you caught a vibe with. The airy pads capture the aura of that late night drive to meet up while the allure of the dancing synth line captures the energy and feeling you get when you first link with that new person...the proverbial butterflies!

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