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Devil Love Drops a driving Rock N'' Roll single with "Everywhere Leads The Sound"

As they ramp up for their full album release, Devil Love drops a new single that reaches into the depths of classic rock and 90's alt rock fused together with tome added edge in the riffs and energy to create something with power and passion.

"Everywhere Leads The Sound" is a rock n roll romp with a chorus that sticks with you, some killer break downs, and an addictive progression for sure.

The track gives off a bit of Cheap Trick vibe as the guitar solo wails on before the colorful harmony of the chorus kicks back in.

What's also great about this song is it's message. Being thankful is the simple way to put it but the song goes into the concept a lot deeper.

This is single has an infectious arena rock energy and showcases the band's love for their craft without a doubt.

The accompanying music video for "Everywhere Leads The Sound" is also quite fun as it rolls through different shots all with a great retro VHS effect.

The single is a banger off their upcoming Broken Things album set to release February 12th.

We can only hope for more of the same from Devil Love as they certainly have showed that they are paving their path in the rock world and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

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