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Dame Zina

For this third album, Fairytales, we keep our electro rock style, with a house vibe. We're exploring music femininity, freedom, acceptance and a strong desire to let go of daily pressure. But we also don't take it too seriously. Also, we love remixes and we give the stems for our song, free to download ( So if you feel inspired by these remixes, please come by and drop your own! We released our first album after 4 singles and music videos in 2020, continued with a wave of releases for many months in the beginning of 2022 (one single a week, then one EP a month until now), a 2nd album with an EP extension in 2023, a first single in October and Fairytales, our latest album, on oct. 31, 2023. We do electro-rock, sometimes more rock, sometimes more jazzy, sometimes more house. And we have a lot more songs and remixes coming...

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