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D Boone PIttman

D Boone Pittman, the Country/Americana songwriter, and performer is thrilled to announce the release of his third single off his studio album, Resurrection Noise, “Love and Floods (and Other Natural Disasters)”. The 10 track LP deals mostly with the subject matter of the tragic eastern Kentucky flooding from 2022. “East of Ravenna”, the advanced single from the project, is meant to project hope to those still dealing with being displaced and/or grieving the loss of loved ones affected by the floods. In the same way “East of Ravenna” is meant to offer hope, “Love and Floods (and Other Natural Disasters)” is an attempt to bring levity to a tragic event. While staying true to the key themes of the album, “Love and Floods” is a humorous look at a struggling and toxic relationship that is falling apart amid the breaking news from Eastern KY that many are losing everything. The protagonist has an epiphany and decides that life is just too short to be miserable. Laced bluegrass string instruments, “Love and Floods” carries a hooky melody that is almost misleading as a break up song because it makes you feel so good.

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