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Come Swim In A Neo-Pop Dream With Soubrette

A new album release from Soubrette delves into ambient pop tones and blends unique vocal technique with synth pads, and plenty of production trickery to create something incredibly unique and fun.

The Any Dead Coquette album is full of layered textures and deepening sounds that fuse with her sultry and alluring vocal approach.

There is something insanely addicting about the way she sings and the way the record comes through. At times there feels like a lot going on but it all gets woven together so smoothly it's impressive.

The album has a cinematic feel to it with an array of colorful instrumentation from strings, to pianos, and more but it's the way it's all brought to one palette and delivered with such a passion .

This release has so many engulfing tracks that can all wash you away with them and you'll find yourself having to snap out of it once a track ends.

Soubrette's lyrical phrasing and words are honest and mysterious at the same time as she takes you into her dream.

The songs all come from a different place within her and it's done with a graceful experimentation that becomes the norm by the middle of record.

A theatrical undertone is always there and you feel the art-pop aspect in this sway in and out constantly.

This was a beautiful album and it's performances were all tasteful and lush.

The artist has fun recording and honing her craft for sure. You can hear that with every passing minute.

Come swim through Any Dead Coquette and see what it unlocks for you. It's an outstanding experience.

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