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Casper Caan

Hearts Are Opening Up

Casper Caan’s music is transportative—not only in how it recalls previous eras of sound, but in its ability to take you to a different place entirely while hearing it. The delightful animated video for his previous single “Keep This to Myself,” in which an astronaut launches himself into space to stop an incoming asteroid attack, was proof enough that listening to Casper’s music is in itself an out-of-this-world joy ride, filled with its own enchanting twists and turns. His latest single, “Hearts Are Opening Up,” represents the next stop in his psychedelic pop journey; it’s a fists-in-the-air anthem that brims with passion and positivity, exuding a warm glow and practically overflowing with melodic richness. “Hearts Are Opening Up” is the most impressive salvo yet in what’s already been a remarkable start for Casper’s career. After time spent writing songs in solitude and acquiring vintage gear for recording and experimentation, the NYC-based singer, songwriter, and producer has been rolling out a series of increasingly impressive singles and animated videos over the last two years. His debut single, the bold and bright beaming “Last Chance,” appeared in the massively successful video game FIFA ‘22 and has been remixed by dance legends Hot Chip and Chromeo; followed by the punchy and Gorillaz-recalling “Rat Race,” and the lush “How We Are Who We Are” which was included in the HBO film Let Them All Talk. Following the rollicking piano-pop of the aforementioned “Keep This to Myself,” “Hearts Are Opening Up” keeps Casper’s momentum going—quite literally. This is the most driving anthem he’s put forth to date, with delightfully squishy synths sharing space alongside a tactile thwack of a drumbeat, a jaunty piano line snaking in and out of the fray, and jangly guitars chiming under the hook. At the center of it all: Casper’s singular vocals, simultaneously sounding winsome and vast as his voice sounds like it’s coming straight down from the sky itself. The melodic expansiveness of it all immediately recalls Swedish indie-pop greats the Tough Alliance and Australian alt-electro icons Empire of the Sun but the sincerity and fearlessness of “Hearts Are Opening Up” is 100% Casper through and through—a thrilling addition to what’s already become an indelible body of work thus far.

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