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cardalane teams up with Kyriin for a debut pop-rock single

A new release from Cardalane brings a refreshing pop-rock style with a danceable undertone and a bright sound all around,

"Find Me" boasts a radio pop sensibility and keeps that alterntaive edge going complete with vocals that have a great energy nut also feel smooth and almost calming at times.

The track has a lush and full sound as it's built with layers of guitars and synths that give it a colorful and vibrant soundscape and it all comes together in such a way that it sort of has its own atmosphere to it.

The band has a terrific gusto and the textures and tones of each instrument really melt together and create an outstanding and tasteful pop-rock feel while the vocals are incredibly unique and almost sounds like an instrument as well.

There was a band from the UK called Monsters Are Waiting and the vocalist brings this style and band to mind a lot.

It's a very addictive singing style and the melodies she brings to the song give it a beautful overtone.

Cardalane joined forces with Kyriin for this one and it seems to have been quite a good move as the collaboration works insanely well.

This being Cardalane's debut single is quite impressive and we sure as hell hope to hear loads more from the artist in the coming months.

Until then, take a good dig into "Find Me" as you're sure to be pleasantly surprised.




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