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Blake Tinsley was born at Fort Hood, Texas and grew up the son of a single mother who served in the U.S. Army. He spent part of his childhood and formative years in North Carolina and later the Bay Area in California – experiences that influenced his outlook on life and his artistic point of view. Blake has always been immersed in the arts – by the time he graduated high school, he had already made independent films and records and had acting experience in feature films. After high school, he took on an in-depth study of the arts in San Francisco all while supporting himself with multiple jobs. At the same time, he founded a non-profit and film festival to support young independent filmmakers. Blake is an accomplished singer-songwriter, having written all of his own songs. Music has always been a refuge for Blake and his honest about the fact that it has saved his life more than once. While in the Bay Area, Blake regularly headlined local music venues and released [3] albums. His success in music has been without a label, agent, or other staff but was the result of his own determination, grit and endless hours of hard work. Blake moved to Texas in 2020 to continue to hone his craft in a new setting. After years of work, his highly anticipated EP “Est. 1991” was released in September 2023 under his own label. His most ambitious project yet, the album combines his singer-songwriter indie vibe with a nod to 90s punk and pop. Since its release, Est.1991 has reached millions of new fans who identify with the raw emotion in the album. Blake is looking forward to touring and for everyone to hear the second and third installments of his album which are already in the works. You can connect with Blake on Instagram and Facebook and his music is available on all major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and all other platforms!

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