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AN Opus of AN Album From Bionic Visions

A new album release from Bionic Visions delivers a vast and cinematic tonality that has the ability to wrap itself around you so that you get engulfed in the entire soundscape which feels amazing to do especially because this has a lot of surrealism and the sort of gothic edged vibes throughout it that take you on musical Journeys each time.

The lo sono album combines elements of alternative pop, postpunk, industrial, and a whole lot more that all gets rolled into one Opus of an album spanning an incredible 27 tracks and length and this, in turn, lets you escape your reality for a good chunk of time and step into someone else's which I think is what some music is all about.

Some of the tracks on this record feel theatrical in a way but it also lets you have your own take on it which I think is brilliant.

The choice of synth and key sounds throughout this record is really important and you can tell that there was a lot of attention to that kind of detail in the creation of this release, but it never loses this sort of heart that it begins with in the first place.

These songs have their own way of telling stories and bringing you into those stories at certain times.

although this is a 27-track record, there are parts of me that can't help but think it's someone of a concept record and that the songs interconnect and weave into each other in different ways.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about that but it just has that vibe to me.

I absolutely love the cinematic backbone of this whole record boasts and how it's able to create this atmosphere for you to float around in for such an extended period of time.

After listening to about half of this record you begin to understand that you can expect some unexpected things to happen and some unexpected sounds to take place.

This again is part of the brilliance of the record and how it's able to take different shapes throughout its course.

You even get synthwave and synth pop at times and they definitely don't have a problem blending in some vintage sounds to keep a little bit more nostalgia in place as well.

You can tell all of this is very well thought out and it takes a real love for the craft to be able to pinpoint those kinds of sounds and spin them into song.

This is a massive release and I love the idea of listening to it from beginning to end although I would understand how a lot of people wouldn't have that much time but, if you're an old-school person like me who grew up with vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes and all that, then I would suggest at least putting this on in the car for as long as you can or popping on some headphones and just hanging out.

This is such a cool record to soak in as a whole although there are more than a handful of singles that stand out to me.

This took diligence, heart, love, time, and attention to the intricacies of creating a record of this style and approach.

I would easily give this a 9 out of 10 and if you're a lover of electronic music, industrial, synthwave, alternative pop, or even postpunk, then this record has something for you.

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