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Avi Wisnia release an album sneak peak with "catching Leaves"

As he ramps up for a full album release, Avi Wisnia drops a sneak peak in the form of a gorgeous and colorful jazz single thast emcompasses the feeling of fall in the city.

"Catching Leaves" is the title track to the album of the same title and its truely an excellent introduction to not only the full album, but to Wisnia in general.

The single breeds such a cozy and comfortable feeling that crawls under your sweater and creates an atmosphere that hints at holidays and memories.

As a matter of fact, its quite difficult for this track not to cause memories to satrt flashing in yoru head. Memories of your own. But thats how this style of jazz works isn't it?

It sneaks up on you and wamrs you up when you least expect it but keeops that little bite evident at all times. Like a winter chill lurking beneath the surface.

The song is orchestral and lush, beautiful and enticing.

WIsnia has a way of washing you away with the sounds and with the aeshtetic of the song itself.

This was a mending of jazz, contemporary, folk, pop, and more and it's jst the first song on the record.

With a single like this its a sure fire proimise that the rest will be full of delightful surprises, tasteful tonality, and catchy songwriting in alluring and subtle ways.

Again, that orchestral aspect really brings things even more to life and the production as a whole is outstanding.

Give "Catchig Leaves" a spin and you'll be hooked!

The full length Catching Leaves album is set to release November 5th so keep our eyes and ears open.

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